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The Liberal Party of Canada’s Liberalist database is undergoing maintenance this evening and will not be available from 10pm to 12am ET tonight (May 20th, 2014). What’s going on? The updated voters list for our four by election ridings is being uploaded to Liberalist. Will it affect me? Liberal Party of Canada Liberalist users will be unable to access Liberalist between 10pm and 12am ET. If you have a provincial Liberalist account, that account’s access will not be interrupted. Why is my riding being affected? We’re not having a by-election. By-election updates have the potential to affect any riding. If a voter moves from St. Johns to Fort MacMurray, Liberalist needs to be able to move the voter’s profile out of St. Johns and their new riding. Do our by-election teams need volunteers? Absolutely! By-Election Day is only 41 days […] Read More

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