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Collecting Voter Data for the 2019 Campaign

The National Field Program is focused on four types of data for the 2019 Campaign:

  1. Affiliation
  2. Belief
  3. Contact Information
  4. Demographics

This data will be collected by your team through the use of door-to-door canvassing, phone banks, local events, website forms, and many other in-person and online interactions. As you collect this data and input it into Liberalist, you expand your campaign’s universe of potential voters, donors, and volunteers.

The National Field Program will be creating standard scripts for your team to use when you canvass door-to-door or by phone however you do have the ability to create your own custom scripts to utilize these new data types.

To learn more about each data type, you can scroll down the page or click the links above.

Affiliation Question

This question represents the most important unit of data for a data-centred engagement campaign as it largely defines our GOTV universe.

Survey Question – “2019 Affiliation: Voter ID”


Belief Questions

  • Is this government headed in the right direction?
    Survey Question – “2019 Action: Direction of Gov”

Contact Information

Collecting cellphone numbers and email addresses are the top priorities for political campaigns for good reason. You should always include these fields in your canvasses to highlight any missing contact information, and make space available on your printed forms to facilitate the collection of these two pieces of information.

Your scripts can also make specific asks to ensure the contact information is collected by your team.

  • Cellphone
    • Better answer rate than traditional landlines.
    • Potential for campaign to send text messages directly to voter
    • 20% of Canadian households are cellphone only
  • Email
    • Direct communication with voters with low cost


Demographic information allows us to build a better Predictive Voter Model and allows your team to more effectively target voters in your riding.

  • Language
    Activist Code – “Language”
  • Cultural Background
    Activist Code – “Cultural Background” & Vital Stats Module – “Ethnicity”
    cultural background 
  • Kids
    Survey Question – “2019 Misc: OBSERVED Kids Under6”
  • Age Range
    Survey Question – “2019 Misc: OBSERVED Age Range”
    age range