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Executing your Broadcast Survey

Set up, Script, Schedule, Test, Payment, Approval

Once you have your Broadcast Survey script, follow the steps below to set up, schedule and test your Broadcast Survey.

1. Click on Create a New List

2. Once you’re satisfied with the list you’ve created, click on Add Step

Please Note: You do not need to household your list when creating a list for a Broadcast Survey. The tool will automatically call each number only once.

3. Click on Calls

4. Select “Set up Broadcast Survey using CallFire”

5. Name your Broadcast Account and Click Save or select a Broadcast Account that was set up previously.

Set up

In the Set Up Tab you will:

  • Name your Broadcast Survey

  • See the number of non-cell phone numbers on your list (Only landlines can be contacted by Broadcast Survey and Voice Broadcast)

  • Confirm the Caller ID Number that will be used for the Broadcast Survey.
    Call the number on the screen from the phone associated with the phone number that you want to be your Caller ID number to validate that number.
    E.g. if you want to have a campaign office phone number appear as the Caller ID number for this call, pick up the campaign office phone and dial the number on your Liberalist screen.

Image 5

  • Add a description for future reference

  • Once complete, click on Next


This will bring you to the Script Tab where you will:

  • Select the Script you will be using for the Broadcast Survey

Image 6

  • Select and Listen to the Answering Machine Recording

Image 7

  • Click Next


This will bring you to the Schedule Tab where you will:

  • Choose the date, start time and cut-off time for your Broadcast Survey.

Image 8

IMPORTANT: CRTC rules stipulate that prerecorded calls can only be made from 9:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. on weekdays (Monday to Friday) and 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on weekends (Saturday and Sunday). (For more information visit the CRTC website:

  • Try to send the Broadcast Survey at a time when you think voters will be home to receive and answer your survey.

Image 9

  • Click Next.


This will bring you to the Test Tab where you can:

  • Test your Broadcast Survey. A call will be placed to the Test Number you’ve entered.

Image 10

  • Include your Test Number in the phone list you’ve created. You will receive a call in the same timeframe as the rest of your list.

  • Click Next


This will bring you to the Payment Tab where you will:

  • Select the account used to pay for the Broadcast Survey

  • See your available balance

  • Compare it to the estimated cost of the calls

Image 11

If you need to Purchase Time, and need to either Add an E-Check Account or Add a Credit Card, visit (Insert link to relevant section).

  • Type the amount of your purchase and identify payment option.

Image 12

  • Review Purchase and Click Submit

Image 13


And now for our last tab, the Approval Tab allows you to confirm the details of your Broadcast Survey.

  • Review details of your Broadcast Survey

Image 14

  • Read and approve the Terms of Conditions

  • Press Finish!

Your Broadcast Survey is now ready set up, scheduled and confirmed!