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Accepting Calls Through the Predictive Dialer

1. Begin on the My Voters or Shared Contacts side of Liberalist depending on who it is you are contacting.

2. Select your campaign from the bottom of the page on the right-hand side right beneath the Virtual Phone Bank.

3. Dial the phone number.  You will hear a message from the system for instructions.

4. Once you are ready click the Start Calling button.

5. When we connect you to someone, you will hear a beep.  Say hello right away at the beep.

6. Enter the information as you go through the script.

7. To stop taking calls, click on the Main Menu. A pop-up window will ask if you are sure that you want to stop taking calls.

(Side note: Always make sure you have enough people covering the phones so that you always have someone answering any calls coming in.  If too many people take a break at the same time you may have calls that remain unattended. )

If you are sure you want to take a break, click OK.

8. Return to your calls by clicking on the Campaign box below the VPB tool again.