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Promoting Through a Phone Bank

1. You can set up a Virtual Phone Bank (VPB) either on the Shared Contacts side or the My Voters side of Liberalist. Determine which side you will be working on and create your list or select your list from My Folders.

2. From the My List page, click on the Calls icon. In the box that appears, select Set up a Virtual Phone Bank List and then click Next.

1 Calls Icon Good

4. You will be brought to the VPB screen. Name your Virtual Phone Bank and give a description to your list.

5. Select the script that you created. Click here for instructions on setting up your script.

6. In the Upper Display, select Age and Sex.

7. In the Lower Displays, you can select any element you believe will be relevant to your callers (ex: when making calls to members, you can show their membership status.) You can choose to have these Upper displays appear above the script.

8. Select your editable displays.

*By default, your volunteers will see the name and phone number of the people they are supposed to call. Note: Adding too many fields to the VPB screen will confuse your volunteers and may lead to more mistakes. However, it is considered very useful to select Phones-Emails-Addresses from the Editable Display section so that we can keep these up-to-date.

9. There are two ways to add your event to your Virtual Phone Bank

1) Event Scheduler

If you are creating a VPB to call your contacts from a list on the Shared Contacts side, you can select Include Event scheduler to allow your canvassers to access your electoral district (or committees) calendar and schedule individuals for events.

Include Event Scheduler

2) Adding Event to Script

You can add an event directly into the script that you’ll be using to make calls. You can only add an event to your script if you are in under the My Shared Contacts tab.

i. On the Create a Script page, scroll down to the Add Script Element box. Click Add to add an Event to your script.

Add Event to Script 2

ii. Select the date and name of the event. Click Add.

Choosing Event to Add 3

iii. Your event will now be included in your script. You can move it up or down by dragging the five-line icon. Click Save.

Event in Script 4

10. When you access your Virtual Phone Bank, you will be able to update whether someone is coming to your event, either by selecting their status or using the Scheduler tool.

Scheduler in VPB

For more information on how to set up a Virtual Phone Bank, see our page on Administering the Virtual Phone Bank.