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Adding New Voters Tool

The Adding New Voters tool will allow you to add eligible voters to your list of voters in Liberalist.  This function will be made available to one trusted member of your team and will be subject to a set of criteria to manage who can be added to the list.

Who is a new voter?

New voters are individuals that are not listed a registered voters on the Voter File for your riding.  Remember, that if the individual is not on your canvass list it may be because they are not a target of your riding and for efficiency purposes, your volunteers are not prompted to knock on those doors. Make sure you only knock on the doors that appear on your canvass list.

However, if you knock on a door and the individual at the door is not the individual listed on your canvass sheet (this may happen if someone has moved or has recently become eligible to vote), but they are eligible electors and want to support you, you will want to add them to Liberalist.

Remember, the primary objective of adding new people who are not currently on the Voter’s List is to mobilize them on Election Day to vote for our candidate. There are 6 rules to adding new voters to the database. Take a look at the 6 rules here.


Take a look at the following rules and procedures for adding new voters to the voter file.

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