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Adding new voters

Criteria Checklist

Step 1. Double Checking your criteria

You can print out this checklist to ensure that everyone you are adding to the voters list passes all this criteria.

Just because someone’s not on your list, doesn’t mean they’re a New Voter.

It may be intentional that the person isn’t on your canvass list. For example:

  • maybe they’re not a voter
  • maybe they’ve already been canvassed
  • maybe they’re not a target.

Make sure you only knock on the doors that appear on your canvass list.


Step 2. Adding your new voter

The process for adding new voters is similar to the process for adding a contact to the Shared Contacts side of Liberalist.  However, as on the Shared Contacts side, you always want to ensure that you are not creating a duplicate.

  1. Begin on the My Voters side of Liberalist.
  2. Look the individual up by their name.
  3. If you cannot find them in the system, you can click on Add New Person. Remember Rule #4: Search THOROUGHLY before adding a profile. Oftentimes, a voter can be found without having to add a new person. For example, a spouse who has not changed their last name, spelling errors, etc. The most important thing to do is search by CIVIC ADDRESS FIRST, just the number and street name in the street field on the Quick Look up page (no need to put in street type here). That will bring up everyone who is on the household and provide you with the information to determine whether adding a new voter is warranted.
  4. This will allow you to enter the information for that individual.  Remember Rule #5: Add ONLY complete profiles. A complete profile requires a full name, a full civic address, a full postal code, and a full phone number.

Important Reminder: Always use the separate address fields to enter the address.  Enter the Street number in one field, the street name in the next.  If there is unit number include that in the box that is meant for that data.


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Step 3. Adding Supplementary data

Remember Rule #6: Add supplementary data as you go.  Once you have created the new profile, you will then need to make sure that you enter any additional data into the individual’s profile.

In order to do this quickly and efficiently, you can use one of two tools:

Use the Quick Mark tool to enter one piece of information to various people’s profiles (Enter Link).

Or you can use Grid View to enter various data points to various people’s profiles. (Link)