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Adding Polling Locations

When you get your polling locations from Elections Canada for Advance Polls you can enter these into Liberalist in the following manner. Always double check your list to ensure that you have entered all the information correctly. You must enter the Advance Poll Locations in this manner.  All E-day Polling Locations will be entered into the system for you.

1. Begin on the My Voters side of Liberalist.

My Voters

2. Click on Polling Locations from the Administrative panel on the left-hand side of your main screen.

Polling Locations from main menu

3. Select your riding from the drop-down box.
Polling Location - Riding

4. Click Save/Refresh

5. You will then have a full listing of all the polling divisions in your riding.  You can then enter, edit or remove the Polling Location, address, city, and postal code.
Polling Location - To change

Always make sure the polling locations have been entered correctly. Have someone double-check your work to ensure accuracy.