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Add Images to Form Email

1. Select Form Emails from the Letters • Emails menu on the Main Menu page.

0 Select Form Email

2. On the Form Emails page, click the Tree icon.

Tree Icon

3. If you have the URL (internet address) of the image you want to use, enter it in the Image URL box. If you want to use an image previously entered into a Blast Email or to load the image from your computer, click the little blue and red box.

Inserting Image

4. If you clicked on the box, you will be shown the images you have used in previous Blast emails. If you want to use one of those emails, click on it to insert it into your email.

5. If the image has not been used in a previous email, click the upload icon to find the image you want.

Add and Remove

6. Click Browse to look for the image in your computer’s files. When you find the image, double click on it to return to the Upload page.


7. Name or Re-name your file if necessary. Click Upload.

8. The file is now available to be inserted into this and future form emails. Click on the file to insert it into this email.

Choose Image

9. The image will be inserted into your email

10. To edit the image, click on it and (before clicking anywhere else) click on the Tree icon. You can then make further adjustments to your image, such as making it bigger or smaller to fit into your message.