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Administer the Virtual Phone Bank

1. From the My List page (see Creating a List section for help on creating a list), click Calls in the icon bar.
1 Calls Icon

2. In the box that appears, select Set up a Virtual Phone Bank List and then click Next2 Set Up VPB

3. You will be brought to the VPB administration screen.  There are several guidelines set by the CRTC and Elections Canada that you should follow when you make calls on behalf of the Liberal Party of Canada.

4. Name your VPB list and select which script (set of questions) you would like your volunteers to use from the drop down menu.

If you are calling voters:

  • If you are making calls with your candidate, select the script ~ Voter ID Calling for Change – Candidate

Calling for change candidate

  • If you are making calls with your volunteers only, select the script ~ Voter ID Calling for Change

Calling for change

If you do not yet have the script you want to use to do your calling, you can create one using the instructions found here: Create a Script.

5. Check the different fields you would like to appear in the VPB display and the editable fields that you would like your volunteers to be able to update.

  1. In the Upper Display, select Age and Sex.
  2. In the Lower Display, you can select any element you believe will be relevant to your callers
  3. Choose whether you would like your Lower Display to appear above or below the script.

4 Upper Display

6. Select your editable displays.

Editable Display updated

*NoteBy default, your volunteers will see the name and phone number of the people they are supposed to call. Note: Adding too many fields to the VPB screen will confuse your volunteers and may lead to more mistakes. However, it is considered very useful to select Phones-Emails-Addresses from the Editable Display section so that we can keep these up-to-date.

7. Select the dates that you want to the phone bank to be active. This feature limits the VPB so it can only be accessed between those dates. You can also set parameters for the time of day that your volunteers can make phone calls using the Daily Start Time and Daily End Time fields.

6 Start and End Date & Time

8. You may also want to set goals in the field Contact Limit and allow your users to see their own progress towards the goal or the combined progress of everyone that has access to the VPB.
7 Goals

 9. If you would like to distribute your list to canvassers based on their location, select Distribute voters by postal code. When your canvassers log into the virtual phone bank they will be prompted to enter their postal code which will distribute individuals that live closest to their house.

10. Adding an Event:
If you are creating a VPB to call your contacts from a list on the Shared Contacts side, you can select Include Event scheduler to allow your canvassers to access your electoral district (or committees) calendar and schedule individuals for events. Generally, it is simpler to simply integrate the one or two events you are calling people about into your script.

 Include Event Scheduler

11. Householding:

8 Householding

1. If you want each person in the household to get a call, regardless of whether they live with a person on your list who has already been called, choose Do not display Also in Household

2. If you need an answer from each person on your list, but want to be able to canvass a whole household in one call whenever possible, choose Show only People in Household from Virtual Phone Bank list. This is perfect for projects like Membership Renewal where you need to ask every member to renew their membership, but don’t want to talk to people who live in the house who are not on your list (they may already be renewed or may not be members).

3. If you don’t need an answer from everyone in the house, and don’t mind who you talk to in the house, choose Show all Also in Household.

12. When creating a VPB on the My Voters side of the application, you have the option to exclude anyone that has already been identified as having voted early or on Election Day.

Early Voted

13. Click Next.

14. This will bring you to a page called Edit Virtual Phone Bank that looks identical to the page you were just on, except now you have the opportunity to share the VPB with your volunteers.

Sharing Your Virtual Phone Bank

You can now assign the phone bank to users through the VPB code or User Access box.

1. Finding the Virtual Phone Bank code

i. Scroll up to the top of the page. Under the name of your phone bank, you’ll find a line entitled VPB Code.

Sharing VPB Code

ii. When you access your Virtual Phone Bank through the Main Menu, paste this VPB code into the respective box.

Select VPB Code

Note: If the code is not working, make sure to check that that you distinguish your zero (0) from the letter O.

2. Adding Users to the Virtual Phone Bank

i. From the Virtual Phone Bank set up page, scroll to the bottom to the User Access box.

ii. Review your options and assign access to users in your Liberalist committee by scrolling down to the Users without Access box, clicking on the user’s name and then selecting to add or remove their access. 9 User Access

iii. Once you have reviewed your selections and assigned users, press Save. Your Virtual Phone Bank is now ready for a first round of calls.

15. When you have finished a round of calls you can return to the Edit Virtual Phone Bank page to press Send to Round 2 to give your volunteers a revised VPB that contains all the uncompleted calls. Individuals that have been successfully canvassed, identified as deceased, wrong number, refused or left message will be removed from the list and busy/ not home results will be added back into the VPB for the second round of calls. To do this:

  • Go to the Main Menu page of the tab on which you created the Virtual Phone Bank.
  • In the right-hand column click Phone Services to display the Phone Services dropdown menu.
  • Click Virtual Phone Bank to see a list of all active Virtual Phone Banks.
  • Click on the name of the Phone Bank you want to send to Round 2.
  • Scroll down the page to the button Send to Round 2. Click that button.
  • Make sure the right users have access to the Phone Bank.

Watch our video on Creating a Virtual Phone Bank