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Analyzing by Volunteer Stages

1. Begin on the Shared Contacts side of Liberalist

Shared Contacts

2. Go to Survey Questions and select Volunteer 2015: Field Master to build a list the includes all your volunteers at any stage of the volunteer recruitment process.

Field Master SQ

3. Select your riding with location box (to include everyone who lives in your riding)

Emplacement - circonscription

4. Go to Add a Step, select Add People.

Add Step

5. Go to Survey Questions and select 2015 Volunteer: Field Master.

Field Master SQ

6.  Then select your committee from the drop-down box (to also include volunteers from outside your riding)

Committee english
7. Go to Suppressions and Include Do Not Call and Include Do Not Mail.

Incl DNC and DNM
8. Click on Run Search.

Run Search 6
9. On the My List page, click on the Counts icon from the icon bar at the top of the screen.
1 Counts

10. Select Run Quick Counts and Crosstabs and click the Next button.

2 Run Quick C&C

11. You are now on the Counts and Crosstabs page. Under Section 1 – Crosstab 1, click on the drop-down menu. Click on the (+) sign next to Master Survey Question. Then, click on the (+) sign next to 2015 and Volunteer. Select Master ID. Click Refresh.

Field master volunteer

12. You now have your list of volunteers analyzed by where your volunteers are at in the volunteer stages. You can choose to export the table to excel by clicking on Export to Excel. You can also schedule this same report to be emailed to you. See our guide on Scheduling Counts on Crosstabs.