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Bar Codes

  1. From the Main Menu, click on Scan Bar Codes.
  2. Select which script was used for canvassing, when the data was collected, by whom and whether it was from a door-to-door canvass or phonebank.
    Select the entry order that you prefer. The type of data that you are entering into to the system should determine the entry order. The default setting or “Results First, then Names” setting works best when you have a large list with one or more survey questions.
  3.  All of the possible results from your script will be automatically generated and appear in a printable report.
    Note: The Bar Code Report can be used for multiple canvasses as long as you are using the same script because the script’s results/ barcodes will be the same.
  4. Select Print Preview on your browser and ensure that the page will NOT shrink to fit when printing. It is important that you select 100% as the printing size. Select File, Print in your browser. Once you have finished printing, click Finish.
  5. On the Bar Code Data Entry page, the field should be green and ready for you to scan results. If you selected the Results First entry order, you will scan one result and then all corresponding names. If you chose Names First you will scan the bar code representing a person and then the result you want associated with that person before moving on.
  6. Once the data is entered; you will be able to view it in a person’s record under Survey Questions, Activist Codes, Events, etc. You can click on the person’s name to be taken from the Bar Code Data Entry page directly to their profile.If you make a mistake, you will have 24 hours to edit or delete new canvassing data by clicking on the individual’s name and then selecting edit beside the result in the appropriate field. After that time, you will need to contact the Liberal Party of Canada national office to request a correction.
  7. Also, if you have information to enter on a profile that was not one of the identifications included on the script, you can click on an individual’s name to add information to any field on their profile and then click on the words Scan Bar Codes on the top left hand “bread crumb trail” to continue entering results from your canvass using Barcode entry.

Note: If your barcode scanner cannot read an entry, you can manually type in the numbers found under the barcode. If this is the case for more than a handful of entries, we recommend using Grid View.