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Basics of Creating a List

Liberalist will allow you to create thousands of different types of lists using a variety of data points that can be flagged in the system.  Here is a quick overview of the type of lists you can create.

1. In the Main Menu, select under which tab you’d like to create a list. Click on Create a New List.

Create a List 1

2. You’ll be brought to the main Create a New Search page. This is where you can choose what kind of list you want to create by selecting the variables such as Age, Location, Activist Codes, Survey Questions etc.

Create a New Search 2

3. Customize your page by clicking on the star on the right hand side of the tab to bring it to the top of the screen.  This will make it easily accessible to you when you need it and is very useful for tools you use often.

4. Once you have finished selecting your fields, you can choose to Add a Step to Add, Remove, or Narrow your list.

Add Step 3

5. You may also choose to Preview your Results to see how large your list is.  This gives you the opportunity to refine your list further by narrowing, removing or adding to your list as need be before running your search. This will help you to ensure you have the size of list you want.

6.Once you have the criteria you require, simply click Run Search. Once you run your search, you’ll have the opportunity again to refine your list.

My List 4

7. This page will show you how many people are found on your list, how many doors you would have to knock on to reach all these individuals and how many phone numbers we have on file for these folks.

8. On the My List page you can choose to further edit your search further by clicking on Edit Search. This will give you the option to Narrow, Remove or Add people to your list.

9. From the My List page, you can then send your list to any of the tools within Liberalist. You can choose to use this list to set up a Virtual Phone Bank, send out an E-mail Blast, canvass using MiniVAN, Print your list or use a variety of other tools.