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Bingo Sheet Data Entry for Election Day Voted Data

The Bingo Sheet data entry tool is designed specifically for election day data entry. In contrast the Keypad data entry tool is suited for advance poll data entry.

1. On the Main Menu page of the My Voters tab, click on the Bingo Sheet Data Entry icon in the Election Day Voting box.

1 Bingo Tool Icon

2. Select your riding. Click Remember Me.

2 Select Riding and Remember Me

3. Select the first polling division on your list. Click Save/Refresh.

3 Polling Division and Save:Refresh

4. The Bingo Sheet that appears contains all of the Electors Sequence IDs of the registered voters in your polling division. Click on the Electors Sequence IDs of the people who voted and click Save/Refresh to record their vote.

4 Select Elector

5. To enter data for another polling division, select it from the drop down menu and click Save/Refresh.