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Broadcast Survey Overview

What is a Broadcast Survey and how is it different from a Voice Broadcast?

A Broadcast Survey is a pre-recorded telephone call and survey that is sent to a large list of telephone numbers. Responses to the survey are captured by pressing a number on a telephone keypad. Once the calls are completed, the collected survey responses are available in Liberalist.

Both Broadcast Surveys and Voice Broadcasts are tools that allow you to reach a large amount of people by sharing a pre-recorded message, but the Broadcast Survey has the added benefit of capturing survey responses, while the Voice Broadcast is a tool that can only disseminate information.

What does my Broadcast Survey message have to contain?

All campaign need to be aware of and in compliance with the CRTC Telemarketing Rules for Political Candidates, Parties and Organizations (available here:

You MUST include the following information at the beginning of the Broadcast Survey:

  1. The name of the caller or candidate

  2. The organization on whose behalf the call was made (e.g. your riding association)

  3. A local or toll free phone number for your campaign

  4. The mailing address or email address of your organization

If your message is over 60 seconds long, you have to repeat the phone number and address at the end of the call.

What about fundraising?

Broadcast Surveys asking people to donate money or “money’s worth” (e.g. volunteer time) can ONLY be sent to people who give your team prior written express consent to be contacted via Voice Broadcast. Membership or prior donations do not count as prior written express consent to be contacted via Voice Broadcast.

How much do Broadcast Surveys cost?

A Broadcast Survey costs 3 cents for 30 seconds or 5 cents for 60 seconds for each live voter or voice-mail box reached plus 3 cents for each response.

Length of recording

Cost per call

Cost per response

30 Seconds

3 cents

3 cents

60 Seconds

5 cents

3 cents

For example, if you send a 30 second Broadcast Survey to 10 people and it reaches 6 live voters and 3 voice-mail boxes, your Broadcast Survey will have cost you a base level of 3 cents x 9 recipients (27 cents).

If 5 of the 6 live voters give a response to the survey question, your Broadcast Survey will cost an additional 3 cents x 5 responses (15 cents).

This means that your voice broadcast cost you a total of 42 cents (9 valid recipients and 5 survey responses).

How do I create a Broadcast Survey?

a) Creating a Broadcast Survey Script and Voicemail Script

b) Recording a Broadcast Survey Script and a Voicemail Script

c)Executing your Broadcast Survey (Set up, Script, Schedule, Test, Payment, Approval)

d) Voice Broadcast and Broadcast Survey Payment