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Liberalist has many tools that will allow you to customize your canvass in a way that will really allow you to reach out to individuals in your riding in a meaningful way, whether it be by phone or by foot.

1. Your List

Creating a Canvass List

Your first step for voter identification is to create your canvass list.  You can then use this list is a phone bank or for door-to-door canvassing.

When creating a door-to-door canvass, there are two ways to create your lists.

  1. Create a Canvass List by Poll
  2. Create a List Using Turf Cutter

When setting up a phone bank, these types of lists would be most beneficial to you:

  1. Reconfirming Past Liberals
  2. Past Voters
  3. Take a look at some of the other types of Lists you can create

You will also always want to ensure that your lists exclude people that are already canvassed and that your lists do not include people that are already on other lists.

  1. Removing People We Canvassed
  2. Removing People that live in a Household we have already canvassed 
  3. Removing Another List

For calling lists, you will also always want to ensure that you household your list so that you do not call the same household various times

  1. Householding your Virtual Phone Bank list

2. Personalizing a canvass

You can make modifications to your canvass in a way to personalize your canvass for your team.

Customize Your Canvass

  1. Custom Survey Questions
  2. Create a Script
  3. Create a Report Format
  4. Adapt a Report Format
  5. Customize the MyPDF files page

3. Begin your Canvassing!

You can then decide which method of contact you would like to use to reach out to your voters.

Door Canvass

  1. Door Canvass Using MiniVan
  2. Using Canvass Sheets
  3. Printing Canvass Sheets
  4. Entering Data from Canvass Sheets

Phone Canvass

  1. Creating a Virtual Phone Bank for Volunteer Recruitment (on the Shared Contacts side of Liberalist)
  2. Creating a Virtual Phone Bank for Voter Identification (on the My Voters side of Liberalist)
  3. Using the Virtual Phone Bank
  4. Using Canvass Sheets