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Canvass on Your Smart Phone (MiniVAN)

Liberalists’ new MiniVAN tool can be used on any Apple or Android tool with a touch screen that can download and run applications. This includes the iPod touch, the iPhone, and the iPad. Minivan can now also be used on Blackberry! To learn more, click here.

Volunteers with any level of Liberalist account can receive lists and canvass using MiniVAN. Only users with Level 3 or higher accounts can provide themselves and others with canvass lists through MiniVAN.

Follow the steps below to set up and use MiniVAN for door canvassing.

In Liberalist:

1. Create a List on the My Voters tab in Liberalist. Any level three user can do this.  For step-by-step instructions on how to create the list of your choice go to:

2. Once you have selected the criteria for your list, click Run Search
3. On the My List page, click the MiniVan icon.  
MiniVAN My List

4. You will only need to select the MiniVAN campaign you want to use, enter the first name of the canvasser you want to assign the list to, and name the list. All of the other individual configurations for the Export will be pre-set by the selections you made when you set up the MiniVAN campaign.  Learn how to set up a MiniVan Campaign.

*Note: If the name of the person you want to assign the list to is not present, they do not have an active Liberalist account.  Any Level 3 Liberalist user can create Level 1 and Level 2 Accounts. Alternatively, accounts can be requested at Learn how to create level 1 and 2 accounts.

On your Phone:

1. Download the free miniVAN app:

a. If you are using an Apple device (iPhone or iPad) go to

b. If you are using an Android device go to

2. Log into MiniVan using your Liberalist username and password. The URL is the same web address that you use to log into Liberalist. (e.g. or

3. Choose the list that has been assigned to you and download it onto your device.

          Note: This permits you to do the identification without requiring access to WIFI or your cellular data. Instead you can just upload the list once you have finished your canvass and returned to an area with Wifi.

4. You can view your list in one of three ways:

a. You can view the addresses on your list by selecting the Houses tab near the top of your screen.


b. You can view a map of the list by selecting the Map tab near the top of your screen.


c. You can view a list of the people on your list by selecting the People tab near the top of your screen.

5. Familiarize yourself with the script.

6. Once you have successfully reached a household gather the data points and enter the information you have gathered into the MiniVan App.

           Note: You can either view the full script for each person or you can only view the questions you need to ask.

 If the person at the house is not on your list, do not record their answers in another person’s profile.

7. Once you have completed your canvass you may upload your data to Liberalist by returning to the poll summary screen, where you can select the upload icon (looks like arrows in a circle). Select from the upload options (if you intend to do more canvassing in this poll select “Sync data and keep canvass results”).

In Liberalist:

1. On the My Voters tab Main Menu page, click on the MiniVAN icon.
1 MiniVAN Data Entry
2. You will see the MiniVan lists that have been sent back for your team.
3. Review the data and choose to commit it to the database.
2 MiniVAN Commit

Quick Tips and Tricks

  1. Using MiniVAN you are able to pull up information about the voters on the list. You can toggle through three different screens that will display different types of information about voters.
    1. “Stats”: This screen can display information about the voters Name, Address, Postal Code, Home Phone Number and Age/Sex.From this screen you are also able to edit the voters information by selecting “Edit Person”. This tool allows you to add information about their Email Address and Phone Number.Furthermore, if have a conversation with someone at an address that was on your list, but they are not listed at that address, you can “Add Person to this Address”.
    2. The “Script” tab is discussed in more detail above.
    3. “History”: This screen will display the “Contact History”, “Activist Codes” and “Survey Questions” associated with a voters file.
    4. “Notes”: This screen displays all “Notes” that have been assigned to a voter. It also allows you to input a new “Note”. However, users should only create “Notes” if there will be someone to follow up on those notes. Otherwise, it is preferable to use the “Scripts” to capture information.
  2. Make sure your device is fully charged!

Please note: These screen shots were taken using the MiniVan App on iPhone. Your screen may appear slightly different if you are using an Android.