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Canvass Sheet Components

Canvass sheets contain the information needed for both collecting data and entering it into the Liberalist database.

1. At the top of the page, you’ll find the title of My List. People refers to the number of individual names on your list while Doors is the number of doors you will have to knock on to reach them.
Title and Sheet Info 1

The Canvass Results Key box outlines the standard canvass abbreviations that are selected when creating a script.

Canvass Key 2

The text below the Canvass Results Key box is the script you are providing your volunteers for this canvass. It is determined by the Canvass Script you selected when printing. Any level 3 user can create and customize a script by opening the Codes ● Questions ● Scripts feature from the main menu, selecting Scripts, and following a few simple steps.
Script ex 3

The canvass sheet will indicate individuals residing at the same address by separating them with a gray line, rather than a black one. Canvassing results are recorded by ticking the appropriate boxes (Activist Codes, Canvass Results) or circling an answer according to the corresponding responses (Survey Questions).

John Smith 4
Results from canvassing sheets are then entered into Liberalist by either using the Gridview or Barcode method. If you plan on scanning your results in using a barcode reader it is important to include the barcode field and VAN ID in your report format. The Standard Calling or Walking List Report Formats include the barcode field and each person’s name is accompanied by their unique VAN ID number to allow for faster data entry.

The list number located at the bottom of each page is valid to retrieve the list for data entry during a 30 day time period.
List Number 5