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Changes: Account Creation Process

Posted on April 11, 2018

 VAN has streamlined the account management process, making it easier and faster to create accounts and encouraging users to take more control over their accounts, using the ActionID login.


What’s an ActionID?

It’s a login for Liberalist that lets you link several accounts together, so you don’t need to remember several usernames and passwords. The password also doesn’t expire, saving you time. Users can also create their own ActionID to get started faster when using MiniVAN or the Open Virtual Phone Bank.


What’s Changed in Account Management?



  • New Account Creation Page
    • It’s faster!All account setup steps are now on one page.
      • You can now quickly create multiple users in a row, using the new “Send Email & Create Another” button.
    • It’s more automated:
      • The system auto-suggests Account Names (formerly usernames) based on the user’s email address. You can still customize the Account Name by selecting the “Custom Account Name” radio button.
    • It’s more secure:
      • This new process makes it harder to create generic accounts (e.g. Volunteer1), which is a good thing! Creating generic accounts goes against the Liberalist user agreement. Luckily, the user creation process is now faster, so you can easily create new individual user accounts!
    • New Account Setup Email
      • All users will get the same basic password setup email. You can no longer customize the email (which also means we can’t accidentally delete key information).
      • Pro Tip: We strongly suggest sending an additional email to new users with a friendly welcome message. Consider including information about logging in, what Liberalist is, how your team uses Liberalist, and other information about volunteering with your team. It’s a great way to set the tone!
    • Changes to the Account Management Page:
      • If your account could reset Liberalist users’ passwords before, the “Send New Account Password” button moved under the “More” button on the Account page.
      • The “Change Account Password” button is now also in the “More” section. You can even reset passwords for ActionID accounts!


Thank you for your patience and adjustment during this transition.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us at with all your Liberalist questions.



Your Support Team

1-888-Liberal, extension 5

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