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Welcome to the Liberalist user guide; your step-by-step guide to understanding this new and innovative program as well as honing your skills. In this section you will learn to communicate with your voters and the role and utility of e-mail blasts, Voice Broadcasts and form letters.
Good luck and enjoy!

E-mail Blasts

  1. Send an E-mail Blast
  2. E-mail Blast Plan
  3. E-mail Blast Preferences
  4. E-mail Template
  5. Form E-mail
  6. Form E-mail Images
  7. E-mail Blast Analytics
  8. Tips on Avoiding the Junk Mail Folder

Voice Broadcasts

  1. Voice Broadcast Overview
  2. Voice Broadcast Payment Plan
  3. Record Voice Broadcast Messages
  4. Schedule a Voice Broadcast
  5. Create a Broadcast Survey

Form Letters

  1. Add a Form Letter
  2. Print a Form Letter