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Committing your MiniVAN Data

The MiniVAN commit page will roll up into a single line all the commits from a same MiniVAN canvass. In this way, administrative users who can review and commit MiniVAN data will be able to toggle between seeing the list page in a summarized way or a layout where each individual sync can be displayed. We believe administrative users will find these options to be a more streamlined way to view MiniVAN data.

1. On the My Voters tab Main Menu page, click on the MiniVAN icon.
1 MiniVAN Data Entry
2. You will see the MiniVan lists that have been sent back for your team.
3. Review the data and choose to commit it to the database.
2 MiniVAN Commit
The default setting for the MiniVAN commit page will group multiple syncs from the same list in a single line item. Please see image below. For example, in this list, user Katie Smith has synced the list “Baker County Turf 1” 12 times; it appears on the MiniVAN Commit list on a single line.

When users select the option ‘Show Individual Syncs,’ the MiniVAN commit list toggles to a view where all individual syncs, by list name, are displayed separately. Please note the column headers will slightly change to reflect the fact that the list displays each individual sync not a rolled-up view.