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My Voters and Shared Contacts

After logging in, you will find yourself at Liberalist’s main menu. Here, you will be able to navigate the many features and modules Liberalist has to offer.

The main menu is divided into two sections, My Voters and Shared Contacts.






Although they look similar, there is a very important distinction:

My Voters, also called the voter file, contains the complete Elections Canada list of all registered voters in your riding. The voter file is used to create lists of voters and to track information about voters.

Shared Contacts contains those who have had contact with the Liberal campaign in your district (or your committee) and anyone you or your campaign adds to this section. You also have search capability for limited profiles of contacts of the Liberal Party of Canada across the country through Quick Look Up. Individuals do not have to be a registered voter, nor do they have to be a resident of your riding to be added as your electoral district’s (committee’s) contact. Shared Contacts is used to house information about your volunteers, activists, supporters, staff and anyone who wants you to communicate with them. Under Shared Contacts, you build your contact list, reach out to your volunteers/donors, and manage your campaign’s activities.

What can you find in each profile?

My Voters

Shared Contacts

Addresses Addresses
Name Salutation
Vital Stats Vital Stats
Phones Phones
not visible to other committees
not visible to other committees
Volunteer Profile
Activist Codes
if relevant to My Voters
Activist Codes
if relevant to Shared Contacts
Survey Questions
if relevant to My Voters
Survey Questions
if relevant to Shared Contacts
should always be recorded in My Voters
Contact History Contact History
Polling Location
Voting History
Notes Notes
only present when a contact has been
identified as a registered voter and linked
to a voter profile
National ID
Elec Seq ID
Shared Contacts ID
only present when a Shared Contacts
Profile has been created for, a
nd linked with, this voter’s profile.
Shared Contacts ID
Membership Module
Also in household
as per Elections Canada’s data
Also in household
includes every Shared Contact recorded
as living at this residence