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Create a Canvass List by Poll

You will need to create a list of voters to go canvassing, whether by phone or door. You can do so easily by using polling divisions as a way to divide the riding into manageable sections.

Create your Canvass List:

1. Begin on the My Voters tab and click on Create a List.

Create a List

2. Scroll down to the Location box and click on the star in its top right hand corner to move it to the top of your Create a Search Page.

1) Click the (>) to open the Location box

2) In the Riding dropdown menu, select your riding.

3) Once a riding has been selected, the Polling Division field will appear. Select the Poll that you would like to canvass.

3. To remove those who have already been canvassed from your poll(s):

1) Scroll down to the Canvass Status box and click the (>) to open it.

2) Select Exclude from the drop down menu.

3) Scroll down to the line Canvassed in the past __ days and write in 30. This will exclude anyone who has been canvassed in the past 30 days from your list. Depending on your campaign activities, you can choose to extend this number.

3 Canvass Status

4. Click Run Search to create your list.

Run Search