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Create a Canvass List by Poll

Polling divisions are a useful option when creating canvass lists. They divide the riding into manageable sections to contact voters by phone or at the door. Seeing how many and which polling divisions you have canvassed is also a great way to track your progress through the riding, and to help determine where to canvass next.

Create your Canvass List:

  1. Begin on the My Voters tab and click on Create a List.
  2. Scroll down to the Addresses box and click the arrow symbol (>) to open the box
  3. In the Riding dropdown menu, select your riding.
  4. The Polling Division field will appear. Select the Poll that you would like to canvass.
  5. To remove those who have already been canvassed from your poll(s):

1) Scroll down to the Canvass Status box and click the arrow symbol (>) to open it.

2) Select Exclude from the drop down menu.

3) Scroll down to the line Date Canvassed, select Between, and in the first box select a date and leave the second box empty. This will exclude anyone who has been canvassed since that date  from your list.

  1. Click Run Search to create your list.