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Create your Predictive Dialer List

Your list must include at least 100 numbers per volunteer making phone calls per hour. You will want to have at least 10 volunteers per hour taking phone calls.  This may vary depending on the length of your script.

  1. Create the list of individuals you want to reach out to using the Create a List tool.

Create a List

2. Click on Add a Step. Select Householding.

3. In the Householding options select Narrow List to one person per and in the secondary drop-down select Per Phone Number.

Narrow to one person per phone number

4. Always save this list as a Saved List. The predictive dialer allows you to add additional lists within the same predictive dialer campaign, in case your volunteers are calling faster than expected or your voters just aren’t picking up. By saving your list as a fixed list, you can remove the voters who are already in the predictive dialer campaign from any subsequent lists that you’re sending to the predictive dialer. This will help you to prevent households getting duplicate calls.

Saved List