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Create your User Group

User groups allow you to identify a group of volunteers and easily give them access to a specific phone bank.

1. On the Shared Contacts or My Voters side of Liberalist, click on Users in the administrative column.

2. Click on User Groups.

User Groups

3. On the User Groups page, click on Add New User Group.

Add New User Group

4. Give your User Group a name. You may also choose to associate it with a specific riding (Riding). Check the box for Associate with and select Riding. Generally, you will not need to associate your User Group with anything.

User Group A

5. Click Save.

6. Once your User Group is created you must add Users to this User Group.

Add User

7. From the Administrative panel, click Users and select Users.

Users - Users

8. Enter the name of the user that you want to add to this User Group.

Michael Phelps

9. Their profile will pop-up. Click on their name to enter their profile. Please note you will only be able to enter the profile of someone with a lower level of access than yourself.

Clicking on user's profile

10. Once on their profile, scroll down to User Groups and click on Add New User Group.

Add New user group from profile

11. Select your Committee and User Group.

Committee and user group

12. Click Save.

Save 3