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Creating Form Letters

1. Select which tab, My Voters or Shared Contacts, under which you’d like to create your Form Letter. Users can add and manage letters on both tabs. Located on bottom lower left hand side of the Main Menu page, click Letters • Emails and then, click Form Letters to add and manage your letters.

1 Form Letters

2. On the My Form Letters page, click Add New Form Letter to create a new form letter. To edit an existing form letter, click on the name of that form letter.

2 Add New form letters

3. Select the Letter Type from the drop down menu and enter a Letter Name. To make sorting and finding letters easier, begin each Letter Name with the date the letter was written in a Year/Month/Day format.

3 Letter Type and Name

4. Paste or type the text of your letter into the Text box. Do not include an opening or closing salutation, such as “Dear Constituent” or “Sincerely”. The system will add these to the letters automatically.

4 Text

5. Click Save to save the letter. When the page loads, click Save again to return to the My Form Letters page.

5 Save

6. Letters can be sorted by clicking on column titles. For example, clicking on the column title Owner, waiting for the page to load and then clicking the title Owner again would bring all letters added by members of your team to the top of the list.

6 My Form Letters