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View Participants to your Event

It is often useful to have a print out of people associated with a specific event. Liberalist allows the user to break down a list by the type of involvement a person has with an event, such as attendee, volunteers, confirmed guest, etc.

If you require detailed information about the number of tickets each individual has purchased it is suggested that you use the “Create a List” tool and print a “Report” .

If the event does not have tickets it is easier to pull up a list using the “Event Calendar” tool. This tool has the following benefits:

  • It involves less steps to build your list.
  • You can more easily “sort by” and “update” a individuals status (Invited, Confirmed, Volunteer and Attended)
  • It is not bound by the “My Contacts” rule for creating lists.

To build a list of event participants from the “Event Management” tool:

1. On the Shared Contacts tab, click on Event Management from the Main Menu.

2. Click on Calendar.
Event Management - Calendar 1

3. On the Calendar page, select the event for which you would like to create a list of participants.

4. From the Event page, select View Participants in the top right hand corner of the page.

View Participants 2

5. You will now have a list that displays the participants for your event. It will also display their:

  • Name
  • Start Time – End Time (This is more relevant for volunteers)
  • Activity – Such as Attendee or Volunteer
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Status – You will have the option to update the status directly from this list.
  • Edit – You will be able schedule a participant for specific tasks using this feature.

Event Participant List 3

6. You can sort and filter your list using two different techniques:
a) Click on the headers in the list. To sort by role, select Role.
b) You can filter by Volunteer Status, Role, etc. by using the drop down boxes in the top left hand corner.
7. You can export your list of participants by selecting Export to Excel in the top right hand corner of the page.
Export to Excel 4