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Creating a Public Event

Posting your events on is a great way to promote your event online.

The New Events Tool 

A new events tool has been created to make it easier for your volunteers and participants to sign up for free events and Team Trudeau actions.  The new tool has an amazing, clean look and is optimized for smart phones so people can easily sign-up on their phone or tablet.

Posting a public event

Your team’s events can be made private (see our guide here) or you can set your free events to be displayed on  Paid events still need to be submitted at

Making your free events and Team Trudeau actions public will add to the visibility of your event and can lead to a higher attendance rate. This also makes it easier to promote your event by having an easy place that you can point people to to sign up for a volunteer shift.

In this section of the Liberalist guide, we will learn how to create an event in Liberalist and have it appear on

Take a look at our guide on posting public events.