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Creating an Event in Liberalist

The Events Management tool in Liberalist allows campaigns to manage attendance to an event and to recruit volunteers for an activity.  Volunteers will be able to sign up for an event or activity online at which will then appear in your event on Liberalist.  Users can also manage volunteers, their roles, and their schedules through the Event Management tool.

1. First, on the Shared Contacts side, click on Event Management in the Main Menu.

Shared Contacts and Event Management

2.  Click on Calendar.

Calendar 2

3. On the Event Calendar page, click Add New Event in the upper right-hand corner. A drop down box will appear. Select the type of activity or event  you are having: Team Trudeau Calling, Doorstep, Team Building, Community or Outreach.   Click Continue.

1 Select Event - Team Trudeau

4. In the Name tab, give your activity or event a name so that it can be easily identified in your calendar.  You will also want to give it a short name.  Select the date and time that your event will be taking place.  You can also add a description of your event although it is not mandatory. You can then click Next.

1 Name

5. This will bring you to the Shifts tab.  You will then want to indicate how many volunteer shifts your event should have. Click Next.

2 Shifts

6. Under the Repeat tab, you will indicate how often you would like this event to repeat: Never, Daily, Weekly, Monthly. You can then indicate the interval and the number of occurrences. Then click Next.

3 Repeat

7. Enter the location of your event. You can also create a new location by clicking on Add New. Click Next.

4 Location

8. Finally, indicate the roles that you need covered for this event.  Click Next.











9. In the Sharing section, you can allow others to edit this event or you can be the only one to make edits. You can also share this event with other committees if other ridings will also be participating in this event. Click Finish.

Sharing - Step 6

6 Finish

You will then be brought to the event page where you can add participants to your event, you can view your list of participants and you can view all the details of your event.

You can then add this event into a script in order to easily schedule volunteers for the event.  View this page in order to learn how to mark your volunteers as active once they have attended an event.



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