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Creating Events Overview

Liberalist allows you to create events directly in Liberalist. You can also submit a public event through the website. Once your event is created, you can keep track of your participants. For more information on events in Liberalist, visit our Events Overview page.

How do I create an event?

Creating an Event

If you are organizing an event, such as a volunteer appreciation event or a canvassing activity, you can create your event directly in Liberalist using the My Calendar tool. This event will be managed by your team and will not be made live to the public or be promoted online.

Publishing a Public Event

A public event will be posted on so that your volunteers and participants can easily sign-up to attend.

Publishing a Private Event

You can create a private event in Liberalist that will provide you with a page that you can share directly with your invitees but will not appear on and will not be indexed on google.