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Creating a List of Registered Liberals

Create a List of Registered Liberals

Information on new Registered Liberals is updated nightly from online and paper applications. Registered Liberal replaces membership in Liberalist searches.
Only users with level 3 access can create lists of Registered Liberals.

1. Begin your search on the Main Menu page of the Shared Contacts tab.

20160712-Shared Contacts Tab


2. Click on Create a New List.

Select Create a New List

Select Create a New List


3. Once on the Create a List page, scroll down to the Registered Liberals tab. Open the box by clicking on the arrow (>) on the left hand . Select Membership Status as Active.

Registered Liberals

Select Active Registered Liberals


4. Click Run Search.

Run Search

Run Search


5. From this page, you can then create call sheets, print letters and labels. You can also choose to send out an e-blast, set up a phone bank, or create a canvassing area with Turf Cutter.