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Creating a list of your volunteers for GOTV

Volunteers will be signing up using the online pages for the standard GOTV events we have created for your campaign. Each of these volunteers needs to be reached out to personally before the GOTV event to confirm their attendance and to give them the information and training they’ll need.

To facilitate the process of pulling a list of the volunteers that have signed up for your GOTV events we have created two Targets for you.

1. On the Shared Contacts tab, click on Create a List.


2. Scroll down to the Targets Section.


3. Check the box for ”Advance:GOTVVolunteers/Anticipation:Bénévoles FSLV : Volunteer SignUps/ Inscription de bénévoles” Target.  This Target will include everyone who is scheduled for one of the Advance Poll GOTV days or Election Day and will exclude anyone that has confirmed or declined their attendance. The Targets update overnight, so you’ll have an updated list of volunteers to onboard every morning!

For E-day recruitment, use the ”Eday:GOTVVolunteers/JourJ:BénévolesFSLV : Volunteer SignUps/Inscription de bénévoles” target.

4. Go to the Locations section and select your riding from the drop-down.

5. Click on Run Search.