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Creating a Virtual Phone Bank of your Voters

Creating a Virtual Phone Bank to contact your voters differs from the VPB you will create on the Shared Contacts side of Liberalist.

Before setting up your phone bank, take a look at our VPB Checklist here. There are also several guidelines set by the CRTC and Elections Canada that you should follow when you make calls on behalf of the Liberal Party of Canada.

1. Start on the My Voters side of Liberalist.

2. From the My List page, click Calls in the icon bar.
1 Calls Icon

3. In the box that appears, select Set up a Virtual Phone Bank List and then click Next2 Set Up VPB

4. You will be brought to the VPB administration screen.

5. Name your VPB list and select which script (set of questions) you would like your volunteers to use from the drop down menu.


5. Check the different fields you would like to appear in the VPB display and the editable fields that you would like your volunteers to be able to update.

  1. In the Upper Display, select Age and Sex. This may not always appear as not all profiles have this available on the My Voters side of Liberalist.
  2. In the Lower Display, you can select any element you believe will be relevant to your callers such as Polling Locations (always ensure that these are accurate before listing them!), polling division etc.
  3. Choose whether you would like your Lower Display to appear above or below the script.

4 Upper Display

6. Select your editable displays. Check off Phones and Emails.  This will allows your callers to be able to add elements to these fields if they succeed in collecting this information.

Editable Display updated

7. Select the dates that you want to the phone bank to be active. This feature limits the VPB so it can only be accessed between those dates. You can also set parameters for the time of day that your volunteers can make phone calls using the Daily Start Time and Daily End Time fields.


8. You may also want to set goals in the  Contact Limit field or the Time Limit.

  • Generally, including a Contact Limit will be most beneficial as it will encourage your volunteers to make atleast that many attempts or successful contacts.
  • You will also want to check the box to Show individual Progress which will allow your users to see their own progress towards their goal.
  • Generally, in a large Voter Identification phone bank it would be best to refrain from Showing the Entire Phone Bank Progress as your VPB might be quite large and it may be disheartening for your volunteers when the progress bar does not move much.
  • When setting a Contact limit or a Time Limit, always ensure that you are checking the box to ensure that you are Allowing your Users to repeat their session.



9. If you would like to distribute your list to canvassers based on their location, select Distribute voters by postal code. When your canvassers log into the virtual phone bank they will be prompted to enter their postal code which will distribute individuals that live closest to their house.

10. Householding:


1. If you want each person in the household to get a call, regardless of whether they live with a person on your list who has already been called, choose Do not display Also in Household

2. If you need an answer from each person on your list, but want to be able to canvass a whole household in one call whenever possible, choose Show only People in Household from Virtual Phone Bank list. This is perfect for projects like Membership Renewal where you need to ask every member to renew their membership, but don’t want to talk to people who live in the house who are not on your list (they may already be renewed or may not be members).

**3. For a Voter identification script, always choose Show all Also in Household so that you can identify the affiliation of all the people in the household. 

12. When creating a VPB on the My Voters side of the application, you have the option to exclude anyone that has already been identified as having voted early or on Election Day when it comes to the Advance Polls or E-day.

Early Voted

13. Click Next.

14. This will bring you to a page called Edit Virtual Phone Bank that looks identical to the page you were just on, except now you have the opportunity to share the VPB with your volunteers.