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Creating your GOTV Script

Within the next few days, a standard GOTV Volunteer Mobilization script will be made available to all ridings at

1. Located on the bottom left hand side of the Main Menu, click on the Codes • Questions • Scripts location and then click Scripts.

Scripts 1

2. Here, you will be able to view and manage all your custom scripts. To add a new script, click Add New Script in the upper right hand corner.

3. Give your script a name and description. Click on the Active status. If an Activist Code or Survey Question only appears on Shared Contacts and you choose My Voter File when creating your script, you will not be able to use that code when building your script.

Name and Title 3

4. Now you can begin to build the script by inserting your different script elements and positioning them within the script by dragging the ‘five-lines’ icon beside the element you wish to move. Make sure to always click the Save button to save the order of your sections.

5. Under Add Script Element, you’ll have different options available to personalize your script.

Add Script Element 5

6. To add a text element, simply write in the text you would like provide for canvassing. Click Add. If you would like to edit a text field, click Edit to go back to a particular section and modify it.

Add Text Element 6


7. Select the different phone results that you would like to make available as responses on your script.

For phoning, you must ALWAYS select the ”Do Not Call option”.  We also suggest that you select “Busy”, “Refused”, “Wrong Number”, “Not Home”, “Disconnected” and “Deceased”.

Best practice: Rather than manually adding the GOTV Events to the script, just make sure that you create the VPB to include the Event Scheduler! This will make it faster to create the script in Liberalist, means you don’t have to update the script if you make changes to the GOTV Events, and makes it easier for your callers to see multiple events at the same time!