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Creating your VPB

You can use the same script and process when sending a list of scheduled volunteers to the Virtual Phone Bank for confirmation and when calling your active volunteers or any other groups you’d like to volunteer for a GOTV event.

1. From the My List page, click Calls in the icon bar.
1 Calls Icon

2. In the box that appears, select Set up a Virtual Phone Bank List and then click Next.

2 Set Up VPB

3. You will be brought to the VPB administration screen.

4. Name your VPB list and select which script (set of questions) you would like your volunteers to use from the drop down menu.

5. Check the different fields you would like to appear in the VPB display and the editable fields that you would like your volunteers to be able to update.

  1. In the Upper Display, select Age and Sex.

4 Upper Display

6. Select your editable displays. It is a best practice to include Addresses, Phones, and Emails.

Addresses - Phones Emails

7. Select the dates that you want the phone bank to be active. This feature limits the VPB so it can only be accessed between those dates. You can also set parameters for the time of day that your volunteers can make phone calls using the Daily Start Time and Daily End Time fields.

You can only make calls between 9am to 9pm during the week and 10am to 6pm on the weekend.

6 Start and End Date & Time

8. Select Include Event scheduler to allow your canvassers to access your electoral district (or committees) calendar and schedule individuals for events..

Include Event Scheduler

9. Householding:

8 Householding

If you need an answer from each person on your list, but want to be able to canvass a whole household in one call whenever possible, choose Show only People in Household from Virtual Phone Bank list. This is perfect for projects like Membership Renewal where you need to ask every member to renew their membership, but don’t want to talk to people who live in the house who are not on your list (they may already be renewed or may not be members).

10.  Click Next.

11. This will bring you to a page called Edit Virtual Phone Bank that looks identical to the page you were just on, except now you have the opportunity to share the VPB with your volunteers.

Best practice: For a GOTV onboarding VPB, make sure to include the Event Scheduler. This will allow you to see which shifts and which days volunteers signed up for all in one place – without having to add them to your script.