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Creating a Canvass List

Liberalist allows you to easily create a list based on geography.  This allows you to target a specific poll area in your riding for canvassing purposes.

How Does Liberalist allow me to pull canvassing lists?

1. Creating a List by Poll

There is a poll number associated to every part of your riding.  This makes it easy to pull manageable lists according to specific polling divisions in your community.

2. Using Turfcutter

The Turfcutter function allows you to map out your canvass list in Liberalist and divide your list into specific geographic areas. You know your riding best and this function allows you to tailor your approach by targeting individuals in a specific region.

3. Using Manage Turf

Once you’ve cut your Turf, you can use the Manage Turf tool to generate a list number for your volunteers or send your lists directly to MiniVAN.

1. Generating a List Number with Manage Turf

If you do not want to send your turf individually to each of your canvassers, you can simply generate a list number and provide it to your volunteers to enter into MiniVAN.

2. Sending your List to MiniVAN

You can send each individual Turf (or many at once) to MiniVAN directly from the Manage Turf page. This saves time and allows you to manage your lists all in one page.

3.  Split Your Report

Splitting your report divides your list into sections according to the number of people that you would like to be in each grouping of your list. This method does not take geography into consideration. It simply breaks the list down according to number of people. This tool is useful when you are working with a large list.

Once you have identified the area you want to canvass your next step will be to use your lists in a door canvass or a phone canvass.