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Create a Private Event

Liberalist allows a campaign to plan out events and manage volunteers for those events in My Calendar. Users will be able to see upcoming events and can be assigned to events as needed.

  1. First, on the Shared Contacts side, click on View My Calendar in the Main Menu. 
  2. From this view, you will be able to see all the events related to your committee. To add a new event, click Add New Event in the upper right-hand corner.
  3. In the New Event Wizard, select the type of event, give it a name, pick a date and pick a time. If your event has shifts, such as scrutineering, a phone bank or literature drop, then pick how many shifts you want to divide it into. Once you have made your selections, press Next.
  4. Use the Activities and Goals page to set out which types of event activities you would like to track and whether or not you have a target number of participantsfor each activity. For example, do you need 6 canvassers for this Sunday’s door canvass? Do you need 2 receptionists to greet people at your town hall? If you do not have any a target number for event participation (for example summer barbequeue attendees), select “Do not Set Goals”.
  5. Choose at least one event activity, such as Attendee, and click Finish to create your event.
  6. To schedule volunteers and record attendees see Linking Volunteers and Attendees to Events.