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Create a Broadcast Survey

Broadcast Surveys are quick and easy to set up within Liberalist. A Broadcast Survey costs 3 cents for 30 seconds or 5 cents for 60 seconds for each live voter or voice-mail box reached plus 3 cents for each response.
Click here for step by step instructions on setting up your payment plan.

  1. On the main menu page, in the right-hand administrative menu, click Phone Services and select Voice Broadcast scripts.
  2. Broadcast Survey Script

  3. Click Add new Voice Broadcast script.
  4. New Broadcast Survey Script

  5. Give your script a name, description and determine if it should be under My Voter File or Shared Contacts. Click on the active status and select if the script should be available in the Voter File or Shared Contacts. If an Activist Code or Survey Question only appears on Shared Contacts and you choose My Voter File when creating your script, you will not be able to use that code when building your script. If you would like to import an existing script, select the script from the drop down menu in section Import Elements from Script.
  6. New Broadcast Survey Script

  7. Now you can begin to build the script you will be recording by inserting your different script elements. Under Add Broadcast Survey Script Element, write the text you would like to record for the beginning of the recording. Click Add. If you would like to edit a text field, you must delete the field and add a new text field.
  8. Elements

  9. To add a question, select the Survey Question you would like to use during the canvass from the drop down menu under Survey Questions. The appropriate Question to select for Party Affiliation is 2011 Party Affiliation: Broadcast Survey ID. Click Add.

  11. To add an Activist Code, select the Activist Code you would like to use during the canvass from the drop down menu under Activist Codes. Click Add

  13. To add recordings, click Add new recording. You need to add recordings for each of the elements that you would like to include in your Broadcast Survey. To skip an element of your script based on a caller’s response, change the dropdown option from Next to Go to and then select the number that corresponds to the script element you would like to follow that response.

  15. Name your Recording and choose one of the following options:
    New Voice Broadcast Recording

    • If you already have a high-quality recording of the right length, use the Upload a .wav or .mp3 file option to upload your message to Liberalist.

    • If the person who is recording the message is with you, you can choose the Call Me Now option. Enter the maximum length of the call (30 seconds, 6o seconds, etc.) and enter your phone number. Liberalist will call you and walk you through the process of recording the Voice Broadcast message. When you are finished, Liberalist will take one or two minutes to receive the message. Please allow the page to load before proceeding.

    • If the person who is recording the message is not with you, choose the Receive a Call-in Phone Number and PIN option. Enter the maximum length of the call and your email address. Liberalist will email you a phone number and access PIN. This will allow whoever is recording your Voice Broadcast message to call in and record the message at their convenience. The call-in number and PIN will be available on the Liberalist Recordings page until the message has been recorded. The Voice Broadcast recording will appear on the Recordings page in Liberalist shortly after it is recorded.

  17. You are now ready to send your Voice Broadcast.

You are now ready to send your Broadcast survey