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Create a Virtual Phone Bank List

1. From either My List or View My Folders (for details on creating a list, see how to Create a List), select the list you want to convert to a Virtual Phone Bank list.

My List or Folders

2. Once in My List with your selected list, click on Edit Search right below the magnifying glass. In the drop-down menu, select Narrow People.

1 Narrow People

3. Scroll down to the Phones box and click (>) to open it. Select the Type of phone number you would like to call or simply tick the box Check All to include all phone numbers. You may want to exclude Work or Fax numbers. Under Source, select Check All.

2 Phones



  • Bulk – This Ph. # was assigned to a person’s profile through a bulk upload of data.
  • User Added – This Ph. # was assigned to a person’s profile individually by a Liberalist User.
  • Voter File – This Ph. # was assigned to a person’s profile after it was matched with the Voter File.


4. Next you must household your phone numbers.  To do so, click on Add a Step.

5. Select Householding.











6. On the Householding page, indicate that you want to ‘Narrow List to one Person per’, ‘Phone number’.









7. Click Run Search.

Run Search