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Custom Survey Questions

Liberalist allows you to create your own custom survey questions in the Shared Contacts page. For new survey questions in My Voters, please contact the Campaign Technologies Team.

1. Begin on the Main Menu of the Shared Contacts page.

2. Located on the bottom lower left hand side of the page In the Main Menu, click Codes • Questions • Scripts and click Survey Questions.

Survey Questions 2

2. On the Survey Questions page, to add a new survey question, click New Survey Question.

New Survey Question 3

3. Name your survey question, and pick the relevant election cycle and question type. The cycle refers to the year in which this question is created. The medium and short names are used on canvass sheets.

4. For each field, there is also an option for the French equivalent. This will enable the system to automatically display the French version of the question if you have volunteers who prefer to work in French.

Creating the question 4

5. Type in your question. It is best to keep the question short and to the point.

6. Press Save when you are satisfied.

Save 3

7. Add the possible responses. You can use the arrows to position the order of the responses. You are not limited to only “yes”, “no” or “maybe”; however, you may have 260 possible responses. Insert all relevant responses. The clearer and the more specific the response, the easier it will be to interpret your data.Survey Responses 5

8. Finally, press Save again and your survey question is complete and ready to use.

Save 3


Watch our video on Creating Survey Questions

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