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Customizing Your Canvass Overview

The Liberal Party provides a number of pre-existing scripts and reports for canvassing, but sometimes, they aren’t quite suited for your campaign or riding’s unique needs. This is why Liberalist offers a number of options to customize your canvass.

1. Custom Survey Questions (only under Shared Contacts)

Liberalist allows you to create your own survey questions on the Shared Contacts tab. Survey questions are a great way to ask specific questions pertaining to local issues or projects. For example, you could add a survey question asking whether a person has food sensitivities when inviting them to an event.

Only users with a Level 3 account can create survey questions on the Shared Contacts tab. To create a survey question in the My Voters tab, please contact the Campaign Technologies Team.

2. Create a Script

Creating a script allows you to have control over the questions your team asks during outreach projects. There are pre-existing scripts in Liberalist, but you can create your own local scripts with the same activist codes and survey questions that are already available on both the Shared Contacts and My Voters tab.

3. Create a Report Format

Report formats organize the information that appears on printed lists. By creating your own, you can decide how your volunteers view and record information about the people they are canvassing. You can tailor your report to the script you are using and can even include space for the script you want your volunteers to be using.

4. Adapt a Report Format

While it is possible to create your own report format, it is often easiest to adapt an existing one. This allows you to add elements that you feel are missing, without having to start from the beginning.

5. Customize the MyPDF Files Page

Each time you generate a list, letter, label, or report, a PDF copy of your document is stored for a limited time in the “My PDF Files” tab located in the red/pink box in the top left hand corner of the “Main Menu” page. You can edit your page to only include PDFs from a certain time period or of a certain type.

Who can use these tools?

Only users with a Level 3 account can customize their canvass.