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Customize Quick Lookup

In order to maximise the functionality for different users, Liberalist allows you to sort how you view your searches depending on what information you find valuable.

1. To customise a search, first enter Quick Look Up by clicking the Quick Lookup icon on the Main Menu page.

Quick Look Up 1

2. In the upper right hand corner, you will find a gear icon.  Click the gear and this will take you to List Settings.

Gear 2

3. The top field is where your current settings are shown. The bottom field is where display options currently not in use are displayed.

4. Click, hold and drag the desired boxes from the bottom field to the top one.  You can then also re-arrange the order in which they are displayed when you search.  Default Rows determines how many individuals appear on one page at a time in the search results.

List Settings 3

5. Click Save when you are satisfied with your settings. Click Restore Defaults to return to the default list settings.

Restore Defaults and Save 4