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Customize the MyPDF Files Page

Each time you generate a:

  • list
  • letter
  • label
  • report

A PDF copy of your document will be stored in the “My PDF Files” tab located in the red/pink box in the top left hand corner of the “Main Menu” page.

To access your PDF files:

Step 1: From the “Main Menu” SELECT “My PDF Files” from the red/pink box.

Step 2: The “PDF Print Jobs” screen will display all the reports that you have created.

Step 3: From this screen you can easily sort your list by CLICKING on the headers of the columns.

Step 4: Alternatively, you can filter which reports are displaye by “Type” or “Title” by using the

The My PDF Files page can be customized to meet your needs using the search boxes at the top of the My PDF Files page.


  1. Narrow your view by Date; If you always want to restrict your list of PDFs to only those created between certain dates, enter those dates in the Date From and/or Date To fields. Click Refresh if you only want to restrict your view according to these dates once or click Remember Me if you want to restrict your view by these dates for the foreseeable future.
  2. Narrow your view by Type; If you only want to see one type of PDF (eg. printed lists) on the My PDF Files page, select that Type from the Type drop-down menu and click Remember Me. Every time you return to this page, you will see only the PDFs that are of that Type.
  3. Narrow your view by PDF Name; If you know the name of the PDF you are looking for, you can enter it into the Report Title box and click Refresh to restrict the display of PDFs to those with that name. Because you clicked Refresh instead of Remember Me, Liberalist will not save this setting.
  4. Remove any Report Any List, Report, Label, or Letter that you create as a PDF will be permanently removed from the My PDF Files page if you click the Delete button next to it.

Customize MyPDF

Note: If you no longer want Liberalist to use whatever setting you saved using the Remember Me button, just remove that setting by clearing the relevant field and click Remember Me again.