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Door Canvass Overview

Liberalist provides a wide array of tools to make your door-to-door canvassing easier and more efficient.

How Does Liberalist Help My Team Canvass?

Managing your Regions

If you have used the tool Turfcutter to target specific geographic regions in your riding, you will be able to manage all of these Turfs with the Manage Turf tool.

Using Manage Turf

Once you’ve cut your Turf, you can use the Manage Turf tool to generate a list number for your volunteers or send your lists directly to MiniVAN.

1. Generating a List Number with Manage Turf

If you do not want to send your turf individually to each of your canvassers, you can simply generate a list number and provide it to your volunteers to enter into MiniVAN.

2. Sending your List to MiniVAN

You can send each individual Turf (or many at once) to MiniVAN directly from the Manage Turf page. This saves time and allows you to manage your lists all in one page.

Going Door-to-Door

Once you’ve created your list, there are two main tools that you can use to do your canvassing itself:

1. Using MiniVAN

MiniVAN is an app that can be downloaded on any Apple or Android phone or tablet. Instead of printing paper canvass sheets, lists are assigned to canvassers virtually and accessed by logging into the MiniVAN app on their phone or tablet.

When a list is opened in MiniVAN, canvassers are given all the information needed to knock on doors and record responses.

Once canvassing is completed, all the data collected can be uploaded to Liberalist with the click of a button. Canvassers only need to be connected to the internet to load the list onto the phone or tablet and to send the data back at the of the canvass end.

This is the easiest way to canvass and take down data, but it is dependent on your access to a smartphone or tablet.

Who can use it?

Volunteers with any level of Liberalist account can receive lists and canvass using MiniVAN. Only users with Level 3 or higher accounts can provide themselves and others with canvass lists through MiniVAN.

See our guide on how to canvass with MiniVan:

2. Using Canvass Sheets

A canvass sheet is a paper list that includes all the relevant contact information about each individual you are canvassing and an area to mark the results of your canvass.

Who can use it?

Anyone with a Level 3 Liberalist account can generate a canvass sheet and print it out for their volunteers.

See our guides on how to canvass with Canvass Sheets:

  1. Using Canvass Sheets
  2. Printing Canvass Sheets

Once you’ve completed your canvass, you can enter your data into Liberalist using one of three different methods: Scan Bar CodesGrid View or Form View.