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Figuring out how many door knockers you need

In order to prepare your canvass kits you will need to know how many door knockers you will need for each kit. Always take into consideration that you will need about 15% more door knockers than the obtained number.

1.  Begin on the My Voters side of Liberalist


2. Go to Create A New List


3. Scroll down to the Targets section and select your GOTV target.

GOTV Target

4. Remove your Suppressions to Include Do Not Call and Include Do Not Mail.


5. Click on Run Search


6. Click on the Counts and Crosstabs icon.


7. Select ‘Run Quick Counts and Crosstabs’

8. In Counts and Crosstabs, in the Column 1, open the Data Field Section and select Polling Division.


9. In the drop-down box for People, select Doors instead.  This way you will only see your results by household and not by person.


11. Click on Refresh.


You will then have a full listing of all the households in each poll that have an identified Liberal.  You will need to have a doorknocker for each of these doors.  You should use Word or a similar software in order to print the polling locations onto labels that you can stick to the door knockers.