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Export a list of e-mails

    1. Click on Create a List under either My Voters or Shared Contacts to generate a list of either voters or contacts. Enter the parameters for your list and click search to generate your results on the My List page. From the My List page click on Narrow People in the menu bar.


    1. This will bring you to a page that looks similar to the Create a List page but is titled Narrow My List. To keep only the individuals that have e-mail address, open the box Emails by clicking the + sign and select “All” from the “Source box”.
    2. On the My List page you will see all the individuals from your initial search that also have email addresses. Within the toolbar on the My List page, click on the Export button. Enter a title and description of your export request. Select the date that you require your export. Click Submit.

Save My List

    1. When an export is approved it can be found in the administrative options on the left hand side of the Main Menu under My Requests. Your export may be on either the My Voters or the Shared Contacts side of the application depending on which tab you were using when you requested the export. Click on My Requests and then click on Download beside the name of the list you would like to export.

Save My List New Search

    1. This will prompt you to select the fields that you would like to appear in your export. Here you can choose to download the file in several different formats. If you wish to copy and paste your list into an email, select email blob.
    2. Click Select All to highlight all of the emails and then Ctrl C to copy them. Enter Ctrl V to paste the emails into the appropriate field of your email messaging program. When sending out mass emails, it is always best to copy and paste this email blob into the bcc field of your email so that all the email addresses are not accessible to the end recipients.

Save My List New Search