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Form Letters Overview

Although we live in a electronic age, nothing is feels better than getting a letter delivered by your local post person. The Form Letters tool in Liberalist is a great way to reach out to individuals in your riding especially in the case where individuals may not have a phone number or email on file.  This tool can be great during the Holiday Season if you choose to send out holiday greetings or if you want to send a formal invite to an event.

How do I send out a Form Letter?

1. Creating a Form Letter

Your first step is to create your form letter in Liberalist. This will be the base template for your letter.

2. Mail Merging your Form Letter

Your second step is to mail merge your letter and labels with the list you’ve created in Liberalist.

3. Printing your Form Letter and Labels

Finally, once you’ve mail merged your letters, you can print your form letters to send out to the individuals in your community.

 What else should I know?

Only users with a Level 3 account can create, mail merge and print Form Letters. There is no additional cost to use this function.

Make sure to check that your letters and labels match before you send out your letters!