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Form View

Form View is a great tool when applying multiple pieces of data to individual profiles and the information has contact information.

1. Under Form View, select Enter Data using Form View
1 Form View

Note – You have the option of printing paper versions of forms for office use

2. Select which list you would like to use

  • Use My List – Using create a list you can create a list of potential & active volunteers to update contact information and mark E-Day Availability.
  • Let me enter a List Number – If you have been using printed lists from Liberalist to manage volunteers you can enter the list number at the bottom of the printed page.
  • Use Quick Look Up – allows you to look up individual persons to enter data using a data entry form.

2 Choosing List type

3. Data fields.

  • Form: ie. ~Volunteer Management Form
  • Canvasser: Choose the person entering the data
  • Date Canvassed: Day data entry is being done
  • Canvass Type: i.e. Walk, Phone (“Canvass Type” Contact Type definitions here).
  • New Clipboarding form

4. You will be brought to the Quick Look Up page. Look up individuals one at a time. Click on their name to enter Form View for their profile.

First Name and Last Name QLU

5. You now have the ability to update contact information. By clicking Save you save your changes.

Form View view

6. Click Save.