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Distributed Canvassing

Cutting turfs for canvassing is a great way to create manageable lists for your volunteers, but the turf cutting process can be very time consuming. Distributed Canvassing was created to adjust the workflow of launching canvasses to be less tedious – meaning less turf cutting! This guide will go over the Distributed Canvassing tool and the best practices for using it!

To set up Distributed Canvassing you need to determine who and where you want to canvass, create your list based on this, specify the script your volunteers will used, and how many doors each volunteer should knock. Then, Liberalist will create a list number that you will distribute to your volunteers who have the MiniVAN app and the system with cut the turf for them based on their current location.

1. Set up who and where you want to canvass by creating a saved search. Best practice is to create a list based on one or a few polling divisions.
a. You can set up a list that only includes those within a specific polling division. This is helpful if you have a small team canvassing in one area.
b. You can set up list that includes a few polling divisions. This is helpful if you have a few teams across the riding that are able to canvass more than one poll during an event. This option is ideal for GOTV as you can assign a few polls to a team that they can go to throughout the day!
For information on how to set up a list based on polling divisions, see our guide here. (link to guide) For information on how to save a list see our guide here. (link to how to save a list).

2. From the Main Menu page on the My Voters tab, click on the MiniVAN icon. From the list that will appear, select MiniVAN Distributed Canvasses

3. You will see the Distributed Canvasses that have been created for your team.

4. Click on Add New Distributed Canvass

5. Set up your Distributed Canvass:
a. Create a name for your canvass
b. Determine how many doors each canvasser will receive
c. Select a MiniVAN Campaign
d. Select your Saved Search

6. Click on +Expand Advanced Details
a. Select the maximum distance a door can be from your volunteer’s current location. This will vary based on riding and volunteer, so it is important to be mindful of your volunteer’s capabilities.
b. Select how long the list will be active for on your volunteer’s device. If your volunteer is confident they’ll finish the canvass that day, set a closer expiration date. If your volunteer may do a few doors when they have some time in the evenings, set a farther expiration date so that they can canvass their entire list without having to redownload it.

7. Once you have set up your Distributed Canvass, click Save

8. You will be taken to an overview of your canvass which includes a summary of how many doors are in your canvass, how many have been knocked, how many remain, when this information was last refreshed, who created the canvass, and, most importantly, the list number you will give to your volunteers to download onto their MiniVAN apps.

9. You can also edit the maximum distance of doors from the canvasser and the when your list will expire from this page.
10. Once set up you can distribute your list number to your volunteers and start canvassing!