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Signing in

  1. In your internet browser, go to
  2. Your credentials will be sent to the Campaign Manager or Candidate.
  3. If you have forgotten your password, click on the Forget My Password Link.


The Maps

Upon entering the site, you will see all the maps that are available to your riding.  You can click on these maps to view the data.  Each map displays by polling division or Census tract depending on the source of the data.


Polling divisions and Census Tracts

In each map, you can scroll over the polling division or Census tract to see more information.  CT + (numbers) indicates the Census Tract, while a polling division is identified by the riding number + the poll number, e.g. 59003+0430 means riding 59003, poll 43.


Map Features

To get more information on the data map you are looking at, you can select the link under the title of the map.  This will provide you with a description of the map in question.

To understand the scale of the data, take a look at the color scale on the right hand administrative side of the map.

You can also view the overall data for the riding in that administrative section.

You can change how your riding’s map is displayed by using the background drop-down menu. This will allow you to overlay the data onto different types of maps, for example using satellite image or a street map. To see the map more accurately, you can also modify the opacity of the overlaying data.

You can print or Export the data as needed. The Export Data option will allow you to view the data in an Excel Spreadsheet.


Quick Tip: You can compare the data from one map to another as long as they are both from the same data source by exporting the data to Excel.

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